Our Story - Merri Glow
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Our Merri Story

Merri Glow was created in California by a group of five women who are passionate about celebrating milestones, expressing love & care, and embracing rituals. It all began with crafting delicate snow globes. Through that process, we discovered the joy that is found in small things, like the enchanting flutter of glitter and falling of snow in a tiny glass world. Since then, we have created new products intended to spread joy. We are committed to bringing unique and innovative designs year-round.


We are strong advocates of self-care and emotional wellness, and we believe that the joy of gift giving is invaluable. At Merri Glow, we want to bring more fun, healing, and laughter to everyone. After all, having fun is the best way to connect with each other, destress, and enjoy life.

The Merri Making Philosophy

Behind every creation is a story worth telling, and ours are no exception! Every Merri Maker uses the art of storytelling to make lively and meaningful creations.


We put a great deal of care into the quality of our work. All our creations are made with high-quality materials to ensure that your happy memories last a lifetime. We take pride in knowing that the effort we put into each creation will bring cheer into everyone’s hearts. Not only do the gifts bring happiness to others, but they also make perfect gifts for yourself.


Giving back to our community is an important value we have at Merri Glow. In fact, a portion of our profits is donated to Cats in Need, a non-profit organization in La Habra, California. We make sure to do our part to make the world a happier, healthier place for both people and animals!

How The Magic Happens

The Merri Makers look for the magic in each aspect of the design process. First, we cast the main character in our world of wonder. Then, we let the character’s charming personality shine through and illuminate the environment. Of course, no product is complete without sprinkling the magic dust that brings each design to life. The final step of the process is to sit back and experience this beautiful and mystical new world. And we are ready to spread the joy of gifting to others and yourself!

  • Cast the main character
  • Add charming personality
  • Sprinkle the magic dust
  • Spread joy and healing!

The Pets That Made It All Happen!


Fluffy (2009-2019)

Chief Barketing Officer


Berry (2011-2021)

VP of People-Pleaser



Stress Reliever/Heart Warmer



Chief Chaos Officer



VP of Recruiting


Fay Fay

Head of Kennelytics



Toy Durability Analyst



Chief Security Officer


Gi Gi

The Office Narcissist


Niu Niu

CEO of Hand Warmer



Office Plant Destroyer



Chief of Social Coordinator